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Congratulations!!! You're on your way...

A studio representative will be contacting you soon to answer your questions and get your first class scheduled. Can't wait? We totally get it...give us a call at

(631) 595-2618.  We are looking forward to meeting you.

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From Our Students...

"I started off as a student in 3D dance studios and than was promoted to student teacher. You learn more than dance at 3D. It is a place of friendship, community and family. Even if it's your first time there they will make you feel a sense of belonging. The way dance is taught is impactful to all ages". Kaylin St. Victor

"This is one of the most family-oriented communities that I have been involved with for awhile. Everyone is kind to each other and the parents/dancers all have a since of camaraderie that is rare at a dance studio. There is no egos and nothing but talent here."

Chantel Martin

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